sales enablement


Our sales enablement services help you provide the information, content, tools and training to help your sales team reach their quotas more efficiently and effectively.

Your sales team will have what it needs to reach prospects throughout the customer journey. We start with a deep dive into your sales process, including lead scoring and qualification. Next, we conduct a sales content audit to determine weaknesses, gaps and opportunities. We then work with you to strengthen your sales content, leverage marketing automation, segment leads and gather relevant data, and use social selling and account-based marketing to empower your sales team for success.

Wild Strawberry can help you leverage the HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub to support your sales team. We’ll help you clean up your sales and marketing processes, provide your sales team with the tools they need, and help them close more deals. In addition, we’ll setup custom reports so you have a clear view into your pipeline and performance.

Companies practicing sales enablement that empower their teams with at least two out of the three pillars of sales enablement — training, technology and content — average a 47 percent higher year-over-year win rate.

Our services include:

  • Sales process review
    • Lead scoring and qualification review
  • Sales content audit
  • Marketing automation
    • Email sequences
    • Lead scoring & qualification
  • CRM
    • Integration with marketing automation
    • Data collection
  • Sales content planning & creation
  • Social selling training & setup
  • Account-based marketing and sales